These carbon-based lifeforms make us who we are.

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Co-Founder & Managing Director

Ashutosh Gursale

Don't be deceived by his glasses, they conceal a vision that goes well beyond the horizon. Starting his own website in 2016 led Ashutosh to discover the digital wonderland that he explored on his own. Learning from his ventures and mistakes, he now runs, delegates and manages the clockwork at Fabler Media.

Co-Founder & Chief Marketing Officer


The sharpness comes natural, it's his versatility that he prides over. A seasoned mediator and learner, Sarvesh has developed a way with words; both written and spoken. From his past experiences he has gained an ability to understand a client's needs before they realize they have them. When he is on a break from helping clients, he can be found in a café sipping coffee and talking to strangers.

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Creative Director

Pratik hande

A computer geek who loves programming and digital design. Pratik started his own tech-blog in 2017 which gave him a first hand experience in digital marketing and web design. He started working as a freelance web-developer & designer and carries an experience of over 4 years. He’s a guy who likes to convert his caffeine into code and strives to bring change in our society.

Fabler Media is a Mumbai-based digital marketing firm that helps small scale businesses turn to digital mediums & elevates established firms with their marketing strategies. Our team is young, creative and growing.

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